POKEBED by Masterbed, the mattress in a magical box delivered up to your home.

We want you to test your POKEBED mattress during 30 days. If you are happy, you can keep it. If you do not feel comfortable on it, you can return it to us and be refunded. Only POKEBED mattress can be returned & refunded.

Pokebed is so comfortable... it's not a surprise that the whole family wants to sleep on it !
The mixture of pure foam and pocket springs leaves you weightless like flying in the clouds.
Pokebed has been engineered by Masterbed technicians after a number of tests and intensive research.
Let the whole family enjoy Pokebed…!

Tested by the Biggest Bedding Labs in Europe confirming its compliance with international standards of quality and comfort.

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What's in a Pokebed ?


A rich removable cover, hypoallergenic, 100% PE, breathable and adapted to the core of the mattress

Protective Layer

A thick layer of MASBED high density foam that alleviates the pressure points of the body.

Pocketed Spring

A pocketed spring unit of 280springs/sqm with an individual movement of each spring allowing individual comfort to each partner.

Trial Period

We know you will appreciate the fabulous comfort of your Pokebed mattress, however, if not satisfied after a 30 days trial period as from the purchase date, you can return the mattress and be refunded.

Free Delivery

Delivery in Great Cairo & Alexandria is free of charge. For Delivery to all other areas and when filling the Shipping Information form, please click on Shop Locator and choose the nearest MASTERBED shop to your home, or call us.

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Build with Pokebed products, a unique sleep experience !

The Mattress

Unbox your Pokebed mattress, a new and revolutionary product from Masterbed. Pokebed is not only comfortable, but distributes the pressure of your body evenly. Open the box, unwrap Pokebed and look how it magically takes its original shape. The whole bedroom is full of Pokebed energy. The Pokebed mattress from Masterbed combines the softness and flexibility of the Masbed foam with the individual comfort of the pocketed springs.

Can be returned & refunded within 30 days.

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The Bed Base

To obtain the maximum comfort for a new mattress, you need to buy a new bed base. Pokebed base provides an excellent support for your Pokebed mattress and will extend your mattress life. Made of solid wood, elegant with its quilting.

Available in Black or Brown leather.

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The Pillows

Siliconized Pillow: A pillow which combines the soft and supportive feeling all together. Made of hollow conjugated siliconized fiber with high quality fabric. Washable at mild temperature.

Microfiber Pillow: This is your chance of getting a good night's sleep with Pokebed microfiber pillow for those who like the plush feeling (down alternative). Made of strong and ultrafine microfiber and 100% down proof with high quality fabric. Hypoallergenic, washable at mild temperature.

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The Duvet

Light and soft. It gives you comfort and warmth. Made of quilted thermobonded hollow conjugated fiber with a special high quality fabric. Washable at mild temperature.

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The Protector

No worries to have your coffee in bed anymore. You can protect your Pokebed mattress with a protector made of soft & absorbent fabric on top and water proof at the back. Sanitized and washable at mild temperature, your protector maintains air circulation.

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